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If there is something that characterizes La Savina is the continuous movement of boats: boats that bring and take tourists and islanders, small and large fishing boats, and in summer an incredible number of pleasure boats captained by people who decide to spend their summer holidays in the sea, exploring the Mediterranean coast.

The development of tourism has also led to the same evolution in the port, what began as a mooring for a few fishing boats, is now a port harbor a large number of vessels, especially in summer.

In summer there is colorful hippie market on the harbor promenade where you can make last minute shopping or take a pleasant walk.

For the same reason La Savina has also grew: Now a lot of bars, restaurants and small shops surround the seafront, giving more life and color to the small harbor of Formentera.

Bustling by day and quiet at night the nexus of Formentera with the rest of the world is perfect for dinner and to have a drink by the sea.