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Three kilometers from the port of La Savina is located Sant Francesc Xavier, the most important town and considered the capital of the island due to the fact there is the Town Hall.

In front of the town hall is the church, which in the eighteenth century was used as a fortress against the Barbarians, and then, has become a refuge for the parishioners. This church is dedicated to Saint Francis Xavier.

In the Town Hall square are held parties and other important events, which usually bring residents and tourists in a festive peaceful welcoming environment.

Sant Francesc Xavier is the most visited town during the day due to its large number of shops and bars, and most of the pedestrian streets, where numerous hippy stalls, which attract tourists with numerous objects, related to the island.

All this makes this town the capital of the island and a must visit site during the day or night for dinner thanks to the variety of restaurants.