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The shopping areas are in the center of Sant Francesc, where in the morning is the hippy market, and in the late afternoon on the promenade and surrounding Es Pujols, takes places another hippy market.

In Ishvara shop and workshop, located Avda de Portosaler, Sant Francesc, you can acquire creative and elaborate typical sandals, flip flops and other footwear and leather accessories from local designer who work also with Adlib fashion.

Countless boutiques are concentrated in Sant Francesc, Es Pujols and La Savina. We emphasize on Xalox located in the Street Arxiduc Lluís Salvador of Sant Francesc, Costa in Av.Miramar of Es Pujols, where it makes and sells casual clothing and shirts with patterned lizards typical, its own design and Can Guillemet in La Savina.

We have Adlib fashion, born in 1985, from the hippy spirit that existed at that time in Formentera, and it was inspired by the underwear of the local women. Gauze, basically white, with lace, embroidery and lace, have created an innocent, magical, fresh and cheerful style, which has become a fashion of freedom and elegance while renowned designers have evolved.

In the jeweler’s Island Jewelry located in Sant Francesc and Es Pujols, you can find pendants, bracelets and earrings with the typical figure of the lizard, among other creations typical of Formentera.

Pastry and typical confectionery products Can Geroni, in Sant Francesc, you can buy the "flaó" (typical cheesecake from Easter) and "orelletes" as only typical products sold.

Other typical products you can find in a supermarket are wine, honey and dried fish in oil.

Crafts and Ceramics
Baskets, hats, sandals, embroidery, traditional musical instruments, jars, pots, plates and other handicrafts and related ceramic of Formentera can be purchased in the Market of La Mola and in stores located in major shopping areas such as Cerámicas Mediterránea at Jaume I street in Sant Francesc, Art Ceramic, at km. 6 road to La Mola, where Angel creates their own works, or Ceramicas Hermanos Castello at Km 5 of the same road.