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In the winter evenings you can see frequently some mountains of the Iberian Peninsula like Montgó de Denia..

This area is a breeding area, as La Mola, for the two species of “pardela”; "pardela Cinderella" and "pardela Pichoneta ". Around the lighthouse there are few cataloged and dated archaeological sites around the 1,500 B.F.

Represents a typical lighthouse built during the seventies, automated from the beginning by solar valve with a rotating optical Dalen catadioptric and acetylene gas mixers.

In 1995, new lighting equipment was installed, fed with photovoltaics energy, but retaining the original optics. A rotation system passed to be an electro-magnetic type, and began performing illumination by using discharge lamps. It was in charge of the technical resident of lighthouse La Mola, until it was uninhabited. Both lighthouses are tele-controlled today and the maintenance depends on technicals from Ibiza.

The lighthouse Barbaria is the most southern light of the Balearic Islands. Due to its role in various media events, such as the film from the director Julio Medem "LUCIA Y EL SEXO" and some commercials, has become one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Formentera. It is located in the less populated area of the island with a rocky environment that gives a great uniqueness.