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Within the Natural Park of Ses Salines in Formentera lives the largest and oldest living being in the world: This is the Posidonia Oceanica, 8 km and 100,000 years old, within a 700 km2 posidonia colony being 78% of the planetary reserves of this underwater plant, which is spread by pollination and grows in height at a rate of 1m 100 years until 40m lengths.

The Natural Park of Ses Salines de Formentera is the place in the world that receives the most sun biophotons

This privilege has stimulated the life and growth of posidonia, which reach the seabed to form a genetically homogeneous meadow from 100,000 years ago.

Posidonia greatly increases the oxygen level and cause the naturally filter of the sea water that surrounded the island of Formentera, leaving the water clear and pure as in no other place on earth. These organic sea waters feed the ponds of Ses Salines in Formentera.

Within Ses Salines it is obtained the traces of more than 20 minerals and trace elements derived from the marine waters in this natural and unique way in the world, which in turn receive the benefits of the high energy from the sun on this natural place.

In this way, his energy is harnessed within our organic sea salts and minerals, such as silicon, potassium, magnesium, calcium, lithium, zinc, manganese, sulfate, boron and bromine, among others, all them very important to nourish your body with renewed energy. It is the salt of Formentera.

Therefore, Ses Salines in Formentera provide organic mineral salts and higher quality to promote well-being and health.