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The Llevant beach is three kilometers from Es Pujols, located between Punta des Trucadors and Platja de ses Canyes. In this natural environment can practice nudism.

This unspoilt beach is characterized by being very long (in this extension is the most touristic coast Racó de ses Ampolles), a high number of incoming and outgoing rocky with thin white sand, a dune system and vegetation, an orientation toward the east; summer strong winds that raise a powerful wave, making the bath in a dangerous activity, a clear water (this transparent is the product of the almost total absence of plankton, and sandy bottom with rocks covered with seaweed.

A huge dune separates this beach from the old Salines d'en Marroig, which by its natural value, landscape and fauna has been declared Àrea Natural d'Especial Interest Ses Salines by the Parliament of the Balearic Islands and listed as Zona Especial Protection de las Aves (Special Area Protection of Birds) by the European Union.